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Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

Good Technology Creates Great Safety

A century ago, the Wright Brothers developed the first plane. It was not very safe at first. Throughout the world clever engineers developed solutions for making planes safer. Key component of that was to train the pilots. Very sophisticated flight simulators are essential in pilot training now. From its very unsafe start, flying is now often the safest mode of transport.

In road safety we see the same developments, many features make the vehicle safer in case of incidents. Some new features help to avoid accidents. However, almost always the driver remains essential in preventing incidents. Drivers have a major responsibility for people and equipment. We trust our lives in the driver's hands when we are a passenger.

For decades driver training has played an important role in preventing incidents. Current “on the road” driver training is essential for road safety. Recently the VIRSAT VR driving games were added to complement this road training. With these immersive training method drivers learn to fully understand and recall essential road safety rules and know when and where to apply them.

Graded Road Driving Simulator®

The last training step is from knowing and doing. to understanding On-the-road training remains important for that. However, it is also risky, if the training is realistic, and expensive. VIRSAT introduces the world's first driving simulator for to complement roads graded on-the-road training. With the Graded Road Driving Simulator® drivers can drive through dust, being in a pre-rollover situation and 10 other situations where many incidents happen. This is done in a perfectly safe yet very realistic environment.

VIRSAT Graded Road Driving Simulator® brings graded road driver training to a new level of sophistication and effectiveness. What flight simulators do for flight safety is now feasible and affordable for driver training with the VIRSAT Graded Road Driving Simulator®.

How does it work?

The driver sees the road ahead in 3D and needs to react to realistic situations on the road. He has all vehicle controls and can feel the bumps in the road. Our sophisticated VR headset and 6 Degrees of Freedom simulator makes all this very realistic. Even accidents can “happen”.

The VIRSAT Graded Road Driving® simulator lets drivers respond to the following hazards.

  • Driving through dust
  • Fatigue
  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front
  • Not switching on head lights
  • Driving too fast for road conditions
  • Not switching on high intensity rear lights
  • Roll over prevention
  • Not seeking contact when lost
  • Overtaking without sufficient visibility
  • Dealing with a tire blowout

During a 25 minutes drive the trainee experiences all these hazards. After that they get feedback on how they did. Even experienced drivers discover areas for improvement when training on the VIRSAT Graded Road Driving®.

4WD Toyota Land CruiserHeavy Vehicle
Fire Truck for Integration with Fire Response Software
Tipper Truck

Innovative Learning

  • New learning methodNew learning method
  • Realistic vehicle movementsRealistic vehicle movements
  • Realistic 3D desert environmentRealistic 3D desert environment
  • Big-killer hazards coveredBig-killer hazards covered

What's New?

  • Learning through tryingLearning through trying
  • Mistakes do not lead to real accidentsMistakes do not lead to real accidents
  • All levels of learning addressedAll levels of learning addressed
  •  Engages all senses used by drivers Engages all senses used by drivers

What is Different?

  •  Risk-free “On the Road” learningRisk-free “On the Road” learning
  •  Objective driver assessmentObjective driver assessment
  • Objective recording of driver behaviourObjective recording of driver behaviour


  •  Complete support service available Complete support service available
  • Hardware and software, one vendorHardware and software, one vendor
  • AIntegrated with driver learning databaseAIntegrated with driver learning database


The VIRSAT Graded Road Driving® simulator can be leased or bought. We have a range of commercial offers that can help large and smaller businesses taking the next step in driver training. VIRSAT or one of our local partners can arrange for a demonstration.

We are happy to provide information tailored to your company's need.

Please call us or send an email.