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VIRSAT Brings New Virtual Reality Training in ADIPEC

Virtual Reality Safety Training (VIRSAT) is pleased to announce its participation in ADIPEC to launch a set of its new Virtual Reality innovations and products.

VIRSAT's core business is helping O&G companies battle their onsite safety requirements using innovative methods and techniques to pass its training to workers regardless of their work profession and location in the organization. VIRSAT focuses on developing safety training solution software and games using Virtual Reality and 3D Technologies. It is among the very few companies worldwide to develop the Life-Saving Rules Serious Games based on the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers' (IOGP) standards and a long history of incident investigations and findings worldwide. VIRSAT has recently established its presence in Abu Dhabi through building strong partnership with FMS Tech. and its subsidiary Black Box Integrated Systems, LLC, a company based in Abu Dhabi, to serve the UAE and the GCC markets.

During ADIPEC, VIRSAT will demonstrate the following set of products: Life-Saving RulesAWARE® , Life-Saving RulesPRO®, Life-Saving Rules Graded Road DrivingPRO, and Life-Saving Rules Defensive DrivingPRO®. While Life-Saving RulesAWARE® gives the worker the opportunity to learn and review the basic health and safety rules as detailed by IOGP and other leading O&G producers, Life-Saving RulesPRO® allows the driver to take the role of a manager or supervisor where he follows the worker and lets him intervene when he feels there is a safety violation committed.

For the first time in VR Training, Virtual Reality Safety Training, LLC (VIRSAT) will introduce in ADIPEC the latest in its line of Virtual Reality Training modules that is focused on driving on graded road. It has been reported that road accidents comprise a huge chunk of work-related fatalities, and employers are in constant search for solutions on how to reduce these. VIRSAT's Road Safety Experts and VR Developers developed a module focusing mainly on graded roads such as the desert.

Similar to the two preceding modules, Graded Road DrivingPRO® and Defensive DrivingPRO are Virtual Reality serious games where the trainees join a day in the life of a driver. They follow the driver and need to intervene when a non-compliance is noticed. Playing the game ensures that the trainee knows, can and will apply the rules. These products also take into consideration all the standard Oil and Gas driving policies on graded and desert roads and all key graded road rules are addressed, as well as important vehicle requirements and precautions.

Click these images to have a sneak peak of the Graded Road DrivingPRO® Module.

During ADIPEC, customers will get the chance to experience the VR Training and see how this new technology can open new possibilities and add value to their workforce. VIRSAT's experts will also be available to answer questions and provide in-depth information on the modules.

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