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An ideal way to convince workers

Virtual Reality (VR) is now available for large audiences as wireless devices that are affordable, easy-to-use, and deliver a high-quality breathtaking experience.

VRLifeSavingRules® makes it possible to train and certify large number of workers through a breathtaking experience where you spot emerging risks in the workplace. You learn when to intervene and experience what could happen without the actual intervention.

VRLifeSavingRules® is an interactive game that all people can play, no matter what your language is. The game works with simple visual interactions. You win the game if you know the Life-Saving Rules and intervene when needed. Your knowledge is rewarded with a certificate.

  • Check Easy to use
  • Check Affordable
  • Check A breathtaking experience
  • Check Train large groups and certify them
This is the scene

This is the scene

These are the workers

These are the workers

Spot the hazards

Spot the hazards

Experience what will happen

Experience what will happen

What you will experience

With VRLifeSavingRules® you will get a breathtaking experience in a Virtual Reality workplace, where an actual incident is waiting to happen. The incident is related to one of the Life-Saving Rules.

VRLifeSavingRules® shows an actual situation where well intended workers try hard to do their job. Sadly, the circumstances change and the workers are about to face an incident, unless you spot the hazards and intervene.

You will be able to explore the work scene and make interventions. You will also see ‘what could have happened’ if you didn’t intervene. By selecting the applicable Life-Saving Rule you can identify how the lives of the workers could have been saved.

VR headset, how it works

The customer decides how many VRLifeSavingRules® sets are required. These come ready to use – ‘Plug and Play’. Your VRLifeSavingRules® sets are kept up-to-date by Safety Leaders Foundation at all times.

This is done automatically whenever the headset is within reach of Wifi. If required a headsets management system can be provided. Trainees can get a certificate when successful in playing the game.

VR Learning Modules

Try the interactive video

Draw the relevant Life-Saving Rules icons in the red
box (violations) or green box (compliance).