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Revolutionairy change in safety

iLifeSavingRules®, is designed to Simplify, Standardise, and Automate the implementation of the IOGP Life-Saving Rules. iLifeSavingRules® digitises the training, testing, team engagement process, certification and administration aspects of the Life-Saving Rules implementation.

It supports a four-stage learning process driven by a top-down deployment, utilising a visual, serious-games-based training method. The training is suitable for application independent of country, language, and culture. The ability to deliver to both companies and (sub)contractors in one integrated effort is essential to ensure that no worker is excluded.

iLifeSavingRules® has a mixed delivery process utilising both company IT systems and employee devices (e.g. Smart phones). Individual competence testing is included as well. Continuous refreshing and enhancing the workers’ knowledge, “life-long” learning”, is a key feature of iLifeSavingRules®


Try the interactive video

Draw the relevant Life-Saving Rules icons in the red
box (violations) or green box (compliance).